2 Samuel 9:3 The king then asked him, “Is there anyone still alive from Saul’s family? If so, I want to show him God’s kindness to them. ” Ziba replied, “Yes, one of Jonathan’s sons is still alive. He is crippled in both feet.”

2 Samuel 9:5 So David sent for him and brought him from Makir’s home. [NLT]

Fast Forward to 2017

Then Buhari asked one of ¬†Udeme’s kinsmen, “Is there anyone still alive from Bassey’s Family? If so, I want to show him God’s kindness to them for Bassey’s sake. “Eyo replied, “Yes, one of Bassey’s sons is still alive, but he is crippled, uneducated and has been in the village all his life.

Then Buhari  ordered Eyo to fetch Udeme from the village. Eyo got to the village and the following dialog ensued:

Eyo’s people: Eyo we are happy to see you again, hope there is no problem?

Eyo: do you know that Buhari sent me to bring that useless son of Bassey to Aso rock so as to change his life?

Eyo’s people: and you want to take him there?

Eyo: I don’t know what to do

Eyo’s people: take one of your sons to him na, after all he doesn’t know him in person

Eyo: I have told him that he is crippled in both feet

Eyo’s people: hmmm, let’s get your son crippled too, when he returns with the money Buhari will give him, then we can fix his legs

Eyo (eyes wide open): what!!!!


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