My name is Stephen and I work for a popular NGO in Lagos, Nigeria. I receive calls, text messages and also book appointments as well as counsel people within my capability.

I received a call from David one morning and in his words he said

Hello my name is David and I am tired of living, I am almost forty years old, I’m jobless and cannot boast of anything; no money, no job, no relationship. For almost twenty year now I have been having this problem of having sex in my dreams and every time this happens, everything that was working for will start crumbling. If I got a job, I’ll be fired, if I started a relationship, it’ll hit the rock. This lady in my dreams take the faces of different women and gets me into the act. Sometimes the faces of people I know like my sisters and sometimes the faces of complete strangers. I have been to many churches with the hope that this will be resolved, some of this churches are very Popular while others are not that popular. I have prayed and observed fasts as directed by the churches I sought help from and I’m now suffering from ulcer. Please I need help in prayers.”

I counseled David on  how to carry his consciousnesses into his dreams and resist her whenever she shows up. I told him that it is very possible to carry your consciousness into your dreams, in that way, you will be aware that you are actually in a dream. I told him that it’s a thing you do consciously together with praying light fast. I also promised to put him in my prayers and in the prayers of as many as I can around the world.

So please if you come across this post, please share with everyone that you know will put David in their prayers.

This post has been made with permission from David.

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